Unleash the untapped revenue of integrated merchant accounts!


The only full service PayFac Platform

Payrix is the only platform with the technology to provide a breeze-through process for merchants and protect your own company from risk. Rely on Payrix and see the benefits grow all around you!

Full stack easy to use APIs

Whatever you write-o, we speak-o. Payrix integrates with every major programming language and our tech team will happily work with yours to ensure a seamless integration.
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Who Needs Payrix?

A marketplace has tons of potential revenue hidden away in integrated payments. Why let PayPal or WePay earn fees on hundreds of your sub-merchant accounts?
SaaS Providers
As an innovator, your thoughts are dominated by ways of improving your app or service. Payrix takes care of integrating your own payments management, so you don’t have to!
The biggest obstacle to becoming or managing a PayFac platform, is just that, the PayFac platform! Payrix does all the heavy technology lifting so you can focus on growing your merchant base and not on squashing bugs!
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6565 Taft Street, Hollywood, Florida 33024 USA
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855 672 9749
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support@payrix.com sales@payrix.com jobs@payrix.com
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